Jan 13

Love the stuff you’re with: why unique homewares matter

Rust online custom made tables

What’s the most special thing in your house? Take a look around at all your furniture, pictures, bits and bobs and you’ll find the object you cherish above others is the one which triggers a feeling of happiness and comfort. It could be big or small, cheap or expensive but it will definitely have a beautiful memory attached to it.

Rust online rabbit bookendsThe things we love best have pride of place on our shelves for a reason. They’re more than objects, they’re reminders of a person we adore, a place we love, or even just one special day. Looking at your favourite rabbit-shaped bookends, gorgeous blanket box or vintage cabinet makes you happy – not just because they’re pretty, but because they take you back to a significant time or place in your life. Our possessions hold our emotions and are integral elements that make our houses into homes.

Often too, it’s the faded, well-worn furniture that has the most sentimental value, rather than the mass produced, everyman chairs and tables. Let’s face it – who on earth has a blissful memory of piling in the car to visit a furniture mega centre, arguing while navigating the maze of things you don’t actually want and then lugging a giant cardboard box all the way home, just in time to have an argument over allen keys? Isn’t it better to stumble upon that perfect piece you’ve been looking for after a swim and a coffee or while comfortably browsing the net at home? Or better yet, having a custom made table or dining set that is yours and yours alone.

When it comes to gift giving, it’s easy to take shortcuts and come up with something practical but dull, or generic and plastic. But when it comes to gift receiving, doesn’t it feel good to know that someone has spent time picking out a thoughtful and personal gift? It’s much more likely to keep its emotional ties and to survive the inevitable de-cluttering process down the track.

Rust online pineapple doorstopWhile we’re on the subject of clutter – it’s important not to confuse loving all the things you own with being a hoarder. You can have a home with plenty of treasured gifts and wonderful finds that doesn’t create a claustrophobic atmosphere. Piles of magazines and empty jam jars tend to be a problem, but there is always room for beautiful things that are displayed well. But it’s really about quality rather than quantity – wouldn’t you rather have one divine talking point that you found tucked away in a gorgeous Aladdin’s cave of a store than ten generic Kinder Surprise style trinkets?

Don’t be afraid to continue your search for unique homewares and surround yourself with the things that speak to your heart.

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