Aug 21

How To Add ‘Rustic’ Touches to Specific Rooms


On our last Blog, we started on the ‘how to’s’ to add rustic touches to your home, in this months Blog we are going to be more specific and go in to individual rooms, starting off with the bedroom:

Want to make your bedroom rustic?

You can achieve a lot with a rustic wood or metal bed frame. If your budget permits, go for antique furniture for your bedroom. Paint the walls in natural shades and opt for wooden plank flooring for a perfect pastoral look. Also, add rugs, a bedside log table and a metal lamp with wood shades to take on antler décor. Remember that the secret to a rustic bedroom is natural wood and a more rough look.

Ideas for the Living Room:

Add a soft, unobtrusive look to your living room with metal piping and leather furniture. Alternatively, you can use furniture with crude wooden finish. Antique-looking lamps, wooden/metal side tables, heirlooms & wall accents can easily transform your living room.

If you love to read and have always dreamed about having a small reading nook, find a cozy corner in your living room and add an industrial sofa or a beautiful leather armchair, a small wooden coffee table and a metal pipe bookshelf on the wall. A rug, some wisely-placed accessories and heirlooms will go a long way in giving a statement about your aesthetic taste.

Ideas for Rustic Kitchen/Dining:

A simple old wagon wheel can give a total rustic look to your kitchen and you can use it to hang utensils. Have an old window frame? Use it to your kitchen to hang accessories, remember, creativity is your only weapon here.

Metal chairs with a wooden/ metal frame table are good choice for a rustic kitchen/dining room. If possible, you can redo your cabinets and walls as well. Swap out your old cabinets with pinewood kitchen cabinets and add some stone counter tops for a rustic touch. But you need to give special emphasis to lighting. Pendant lighting or a chandelier in the dining room can never go wrong with such décor.

Ideas for Bathroom:

It is usually difficult to update your bathroom completely without changing a number of things including tile, configuration of showers and tubs and your cabinets. But the good news is you can create a rustic haven by adding plenty of details to your bathroom. Opt for natural earthy paints, marble basins, cladded marble tubs, wooden counter tops and wall claddings for a rustic style bathroom.

When you are selecting fixtures, settle for items with rich and natural color such as handcrafted items. If you have a window in the bathroom, use dark wood or golden color frame as these colors are unmatched in creating a rustic ambience.

Also, consider adding a metal pipe bar towel holder and wire mesh baskets to add a magical touch.

And finally……….

Rustic Accessories:

When shopping for rustic accessories, the options are endless. Additionally, you can even opt to take up DIY projects and show the world your creativity. Here are some ideas for you:

Mirrors: The earthy tones and classic shape of vintage mirrors add up to your rustic ambience. You can use metal, wooden and leather framed mirrors. Most of them have a casual style and their simplistic charm lead the preferences.

Rustic Lamp Shades: Popular selections include animal prints and floral prints. However, metal lamps with wood shades are also gaining popularity. If you are buying them, it is recommended to go for natural colored items such as brown, cream or white shades.

Pet Accessories: Rustic décor can help you create a great pet-friendly space. In fact, dog accessories like dog feeders that are made of solid wood raised with stainless steel bowls will add to your style statement. Similarly, you can even hang a bird feeder or a bird house outdoor.

Rustic Picture Frames: Wooden or bamboo picture frames are a brilliant choice for your rustic interior decoration.

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