Murchison-Hume: We carry a wide range of this ever so popular cleaning product they offer plant-based home products that are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, free from environmental pollutants and never tested on animals. Murchison-Hume household cleaning products marry practicality SAFETY and style.

Howard Products: Restore….Protect & Beautify (your furniture and woodwork) – we are stockist for a number of Howards beautiful furniture polishes which include Restor A Finish (don’t stripe it feed it!), Feed N Wax (a combination of Canuba Bees Wax and Orange Oil), Pure Orange Oil & Lemon Oil.

Mexican Oil Cloth: We carry the best Mexican oilcloth available! Oilcloth adds a lot of design flavour to any area of tables quite inexpensively. Great for your catering tables, runners, party event rooms or everyday dining room tables. Our oilcloth is non-cracking and durable – even when used with hot plates. Very easy to wipe clean and no glass tops are necessary. Stop in and check out our variety of colourful designs ($17.50 per metre and width of cloth is 1200).

Nashi Home: specialises in the design and manufacturing of quality hand-crafted resin homewares and lifestyle products.  Their inspiration for homewares come from the many iconic Sydney beaches. The waves, beautiful aqua water, sand and climate can be seen in the swirls, texture and vibrant color of our pieces.  All products are designed in unique shapes and sizes that are easy to mix and match for home decor and everyday entertaining.  The product range we stock consist of Bowls, Platters & Salad Servers.

Ruby Star Traders: Ruby Star Traders is Australia’s best loved importer of Indian textiles, furniture and homewares. Where possible, Ruby Star Traders purchases from the traditional craft regions in India, where products are produced by craftsmen working in traditional workshops. Purchasing in this way not only helps local craftsmen keep their skills alive, but it also helps create a steady source of income for families in these regions.

SAARDE: Founded by Shenol and Verity Kizek, they had a vision to share the rich heritage of Turkish textiles, while bringing a fresh and modern take to these authentic items. Verity and Shenol are obsessed with quality, simple things with beautiful details and the artisan made mark.

Picket Fence Imports: We stock a large range of old textile bobbins and shoe lasts as well as an extensive collection of retro glass bottles and old crates, all their products are original vintage.

Soft Furnishings:

Eb & Ive: A fabulous range of rugs, cushions and table décor.

Veritas Design by Verity Hinwood: is a Sydney based textile design studio specialising in contemporary Australian themed fabrics for patchwork and craft, home furnishings and commercial furnishings.   The Australian natural environment has been the studio’s inspiration and the collections showcase the unique flora and fauna of our country, we stock a lovely range of Verity’s botanical cushions.

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